Are you running a business of any kind that entail the surroundings being affected by noise? In that case you are most probable required to investigate and show the regulatory authority that you are not transcending allowed level limits. This can either be made by so called external noise calculation or external noise measurement.


The affection of noise indoors in e.g. an industry is regulated by the requirements on working environment. This can be monitored by measurements of sound pressure levels in the current room, as well as equipping the staff with dosage meters to measure the noise exposure. Akustikverkstan is capable of performing either complete or selected parts of noise investigations of the working environment, each case is unique and can be customised.


Other kind of projects in this section is e.g. sound from nightclubs and restaurants affecting adjacent dwellings; noise from festivals and concerts, vibrations, airborne sound and impact sound from gym; noise investigations concerning waste disposal sites etc.


We help you find out what noise levels your business implies! Contact us!

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