Drum sounds are unlike impact sound, the level in the same space as the source is located, which in a laboratory measurement is a step-noise machine.
 Today there are no demands for drum noise levels in different areas in Sweden. However, there may be specific areas where this can be significantly reduced, for example in an office landscape with a lot of jumps where you want a quiet level or at a preschool where there is a lot of play on the floor.
 Laboratory measurement of drum sound is simplified in the same way as step sounds, but it also measures the level in the same room as the stage sound device is located. It is enough that you only have a room where you have a test surface, a floor opening, where you can build a structure, such as a floor tile. Alternatively, a surface layer is applied to a reference beam, usually concrete. On the test surface, a step-noise machine is placed which is a machine of several weights in a row that is lifted and released in a certain order with a smearing sound as a result. The noise level is measured in the different rooms.
 There are some measurement standards for drum noise, but no one is determined to apply throughout Europe. In Sweden, the most widely used SIS-TR 15: 2008 is what we follow when measuring drum noise.


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